Havaianas - Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network and Turner Broadcasting ask me to create two short films for their new campaign and product launch. Havaianas based on the Cartoon Network characters (Uncle Grandpa, Steven Universe and We Bare Bears)  for product design.

Mixed Media, Stop-motion, Post Production, Motion Graphics

Client: Alpargatas
Product: Havaianas Kids
Innovations VP: Luciana Rodrigues
Creative Director: Angela Bassichetti
Planner: Ana Villar
Director: Bruno Borghi
Executive Producer: Júlia Schloenbach
Copyrighter: Helio Marques
Art Director: Raphael Bortholuzzi
Illustrator: Gabriel Lugarinho e Thiago Higashi
Post-Production: Bruno Borghi, Raphael Bortholuzzi
Studio Director: Pablo Milanini
Studio Assistants: Adilson Tenorio, Bruno Carrasco e David Gama
Production Assistant: Maria Beatriz Domingos
Runner: Lucas Correia
Making Of: Dino Studio
Music/Sound Production: Bamba Music

Year: 2017

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São Paulo Brasil